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November Interview :: Madeline Ellis, Jewelry Designer

November 18th, 2013 by Amanda | 1 comments

Name: Madeline Ellis

Current / Job / Project: Jewelry Designer/ Creator

Website: www.mimosabyme.com

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram: mimosabyme

Give us a description of what you do for a living?

I design and create wearable pieces

What is your educational background/training for your field?

I graduated from LSU with a bachelors degree in landscape architecture.  I worked as a landscape architect for a few years out of school but decided to stay home after I had my first child. I actually use my degree constantly in doing what I do now.

Landscape gave us such a great foundation for the rules of design that cross over and can be applied to just about anything, including jewelry. I was lucky enough to do a short course at Arrowmont under Christopher Heinz.

Describe a typical day.

My typical day has drastically changed in just the last two weeks with the arrival of my second child. I am still settling in to find a new “normal” and a functioning schedule that allows me to take care of my family and continue to work on mimosa.  My nights and days are blurring together for now, these little newborns don’t seem to get the significance of light and dark outside!

So my typical day right now looks like this:

I wake up around 6:30 (after several night feedings of course ;)

Make breakfast and pack a lunch for my son to go to mothers day out. I check emails quickly to see if there are any that need responding asap. I make a quick list of the things I need to have done for the day, orders, emails to answer etc. I dress everyone and we head out to drop my son off at mothers day out for 9am. I run any errands I need to on the way home (shopping for supplies etc).

I come home and make jewelry, fill/package orders, answer emails, update the website, do bookkeeping any of the above, depending on the day and what is most pressing. I pick up my son at 2pm and we spend most of the rest of the day playing. I cook dinner around 6 and we eat, do bedtime routine and he’s out for 8ish. From then until my bedtime I try to sneak in a little more work.

The hardest part about working from home has been not having a clear separation between home and work. I find all of the lines blur so you never really feel like you aren’t working but then you never really feel like you are- if that makes sense.

Where do you find inspiration?

My home here in south Louisiana, my family and my friends.

Glue or Thread?  Thread

Paper or Fabric? Fabric

Sketch Book or Digital? Sketch book all the way!


Thank you Madeline for sharing with us! We are big fans of your work and can't wait to see what else you have in store for the future. We also had to share this adorable "true-life" picture you posted on Instagram. The sucker was a reward for sitting still for a haircut!!! Gotta love it :)

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